A slideshow of recent projects1 About Bioethics – Nicholas Toni-Filippini2 Aqua Incognita – Lo Nostro+Ninham 3 Ascending the Mountain - Geoffrey Plant4 Becoming Catholic – Horan+James5 Benjamin – John O'Neil6 Better Class of Sunset - Christopher Pearson7 Beyond Satire – Rowan Dean8 Bible People – Michael Buchannan9 Bible People Spreads - Michael Buchannan10 By Wendouree – John Maloney11 Christos-Tsiolkas - John Vasilakakos12 Climate Change Lunacy – Mark Lawson13 Collingwood Archives – Brian Wilson14 Collingwood Tragic – James Gilchrist15 Conservative Revolution - Cory Bernardi16 Daniel Mannix – Michael Gilchrist17 Education Revolution – Kevin Donnelly18 EREA Annual Report 201119 EREA Annual Report 201220 EREA Annual Report 201321 Exploring and Determining –Laverty+Callaghan22 Fair Choices - Paul Monk23 Father Factor – Fazlon & O'Shea24 Great Crises of Capitalism - PD Jonson25 Heaven+Earth - Ian Plimer26 Home_Run – David Lawerence27 ILGlobo – Mascitelli+Battiston28 Italy and Australia – Cresciani+Mascitelli29 Lessons in Humility - Barry Dickins30 Life to the Full - James Franklin31 Make a difference - Guy Barnett32 Manual of Catholic Medical Ethics33 Max our mentor from 1986-199634 Maybe I do - Kevin Andrews35 Memoirs - Peter Colemen36 Motorvate – Hill+Fickling37 My Brothers Eyes David+John Ayliffe38 Ned Kelly - Doug Morrissey39 Not For Greens – Ian Plimer40 Question Time – Fr John Flader41 R.G.Menzies – Essay One - Oloiver Hartwich42 Really Dangerous Ideas – Garry Johns43 Recognise What – Garry Johns44 Risky business - Ari Sharp45 Royal Commissions - Prasser+Tracy46 See I am Doing a New Thing47 Sorry We Have No Space – Joseph Wakim48 Stepping Stones - Bob White49 Test Everything - Cardinal George Pell50 The 'G - Kevin Reed51 The Charity Ball – Garry Johns52 The Greens – Andrew McIntyre53 The Order of the Mass – 60K + copies sold54 The Real Mannix – Franklin+O'Nolan+Gilchrist55 The Zen of being Grumpy – Mark Lawson56 Welcoming the Outsider – Geoffrey Plant57 What If? - Peta Seaton, Editor58 World History Vol 1 - Robert Pascoe59 World History Vol 2 - Robert Pascoe60